Zrce Sail Week

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Zrce Sail Week

Quick Summary

We offer ultimate sail yacht packages for all Zrce festivals – think of Zrce Sail Week as a floating festival trip with friends. Zrce is nicknamed the "Croatian Ibiza," and it says you all!

Our yachts can accommodate between 6 and 12 people. Monohull sail yachts usually get till 8 people, and catamarans can have till 12 people on board. What you choose depends on the size of your crew, how much space you wish to have, and the budget. We are consulting with every crew, and based on that, we handpick the best available yacht for you.

You get your own skipper with every sailing yacht. On the catamarans, you get your skipper and hostess (if you ask, a hostess can cook for you too).

Those traveling as a one or a two can look for cabins or solo reservations. But take care, crews renting a whole yacht are usually most available! If you are renting just a cabin or solo reservation only, then we can confirm these reservations at the moment when one sail yacht is fully booked. So as you can see, cabin and solo reservations are based on actual availability.

No matter what accommodation option you book (full yacht/cabin/spots) all boats travel together and for that week as the part of the Zrce Sail Week flotilla. All cruising plans can be changed based on weather conditions and skippers' final decisions.


Zrce Sail Week Event Calendar

We are here to organize a dream holiday on a sailing yacht during ZRCE festivals for you! All Zrce Sail Week cruising plans are created that contain minimally one multiple day Zrce festival within Zrce Sail Week. In that way, we offer the ultimate and most exclusive Zrce vacation packages.





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