Pag Outdoor Summer

Novalja 10.07.2020 - 28.08.2020 ID: PG-TR-405

Pag Outdoor Summer

Active summer on the island of Pag - Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend starts!

The tourist boards of the island of Pag continue to work together on joint projects during this year's tourist season. This time it is about the Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend project, a concept of active weeks that will be held with licensed and experienced trainers in various forms of active tourism.

Thus, on weekends during July and August, a handful of sports events will be organized throughout the island, such as cycling, Nordic walking, trail, sea kayaking, SUP (windsurfing), windsurfing, running, walking, quad riding ...

The tourist boards of the island of Pag - TZG Novalja, TZG Pag, TZO Kolan, TZO Povljana and TZM Stara Novalja encouraged the idea of ​​such a project, while Run Croatia and the Association Kissa are in charge of designing, developing and implementing the concept of the event. The organized program called Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend starts on the weekend of July 10 and ends on August 28.