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Kutak za iznajmljivače


Bošana is a small village located a few kilometers north of the town of Pag, on the old road that was once the only link to the towns of Novalja and Pag.

It is perched on steep rocks above the sea opening to a unique and beautiful view of the Bay of Page.

The picturesque gravel and sand beaches are surrounded by rocks, and overlooking the town is the island's highest peak - San Vito, which can be reached by climbing enthusiast using a steep and demanding track.

Immediately behind Bošana is the special forest vegetation reserve Dubrava - Hanzine. This protected corner of nature is the only place in the area of the town of Pag which preserves the remains of the original forest of holm oak. The vegetation here has built resistance to the climate of the island, characterized by gales of Bora wind and salt. Studies have detected the presence of valuable genetic material that has not been previously recorded in botany.

There are no restaurants in the village, but the nearby town of Pag can fulfil all your needs for provisions and entertainment.


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