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Kutak za iznajmljivače



Idyllic family setting in the vicinity of the beach Zrće

Caska is a small and quiet village with a rich history, located near the famous Zrće beach and just 2.5 km from Novalja.

Most of the houses are located next to the beautiful long pebble beach, ideal for a family holiday.

In the Caska today once stood Cissa which was the largest Roman settlement on the island of Pag. The remains of old houses and fortifications, along with parts of the aqueduct that supplied water to Cissa and its port Novalja (lat. navalia - port), are still visible today. If you dive into the underwater world of Caska, you will see the remains of the buildings, but most of the sunken city cannot be seen because of the layers of mud, sand and seaweed.

Among the historical sights stands out the old tower - the tuna observatory. This unique structure overlooking the bay of Caska was built to help the hunting for tuna that once were gathering here in schools.

On the hill above Caska you can see the ruins of the Romanesque church of San Giorgio with a number of spolia from the early Middle Ages and early Christian era, but you can also enjoy an unforgettable view of the most famous Croatian beach Zrće and the entire Bay of Pag.

Photos - Caska
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