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Kolan - home to Pag cheese and lamb

At the geographical center of the island of Pag, surrounded by green Kolanjsko Polje, we find Kolan, the largest village of Pag that is not at sea.

Although Mandre is the closest natural access to the sea, in the closest proximity you will find the beaches Sveti Duh, Čista, Prnjica, Katarelac, Gajac, Girenica, and the famous beach Zrće.

This position has greatly facilitated the development of tourism, although Kolan is not only a tourist town, but also a kind of gastronomic center of the island, known as the home of the Pag cheese and lamb.

Here you can see the largest herds of sheep on the island, and in dairies Kolan you can taste and buy the famous delight of Pag - matured sheep cheese.

Just above the village is the highest peak of the island, St. Vitus, with a beautiful view over the town of Pag, the Pag Bay, the mountain of Velebit and the surrounding islands. Nature lovers will enjoy riding a bike along a dirt path that crosses Kolanjsko Polje and passes through the tall reeds leading to Gajac. In the direction of Gajac, at the end of Kolanjsko Polje, you find the ornithological reserve Kolanjsko Blato in whose wetlands nest and feed no less than 163 species of birds - a real treat for bird watching enthusiasts.

At the center of this village, in the old school, you can see the ethnographic collection of old artefacts and tools from ancient times.


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